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Posted by: | Posted on: January 30, 2018

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Black History Month Gift Bundle Giveaway!

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George Washington Carver was a prominent American scientist and inventor in the early 1900s. Carver developed hundreds of products using the peanut, sweet potatoes and soybeans. He also was a champion of crop rotation and agricultural education. Born into slavery, today he is an icon of American ingenuity and the transformative potential of education.

The National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) is a non-profit organization representing African American farmers and their families in the United States. As an association, it serves tens of thousands of members nationwide. NBFA's education and advocacy efforts have been focused on civil rights, land retention, access to public and private loans, education and agricultural training, and rural economic development for black and other small farmers.

NBFA would like to giveaway "A Weed is a Flower" by ALIKI. This lovely book tells the life of the amazing George Washington Carver. Along with the book you will receive a NBFA tote, button and seeds to start your own farming legacy.

This contest is no longer accepting entries.


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